Journal articles

‘From world sf (via, if we must, World Sf) to world-sf: an introduction’, Fantastika 2 (2017)—forthcoming

‘Afrofuturism and the Archive: Robots of Brixton and Crumbs’, Revista Laika (2017)—forthcoming

‘Of Eight Oscillations and Several Messages Carved in Flesh: Spectacle, Spectatorship, Cognition, and Affect in Dredd and Looper’, Science Fiction Studies 123 (2014): 258–283

‘From Anti-Colonial Struggle to Neoliberal Immiseration: Mohammed Dib’s Who Remembers the Sea, Sony Labou Tansi’s Life and a Half and Ahmed Khaled Towfik’s Utopia’, Paradoxa 25 (2013): 17–45

‘Revolutionary African-American Sf Before Black Power’, Extrapolation 51.1 (2010), 53–81

‘Mind the Gap: The Impertinent Predicates (and Subjects) of China Miéville’s King Rat and Looking for Jake and Other Stories’, Extrapolation 50.2 (2009), 307–25

‘The Ships Landed Long Ago: Afrofuturism and Black Sf’, Science Fiction Studies 102 (2007), 177–86

‘Come Alive By Saying No: An Introduction to Black Power Sf’, Science Fiction Studies 102 (2007), 220–40

with Sherryl Vint, ‘Of Neural Nets and Brains in Vats: Model Subjects in Galatea 2.2 and Plus’, Biography, 30.1 (2007), 84–104

‘Oh My God, This Film’s Really Turning Me On!: Adapting Flash Gordon’, Film International 26 (2007), 18–26

‘On the Boundary between Oneself and the Other: Aliens and Language in AVP, Dark City, The Brother from Another Planet and Possible Worlds’, Yearbook in English Studies 37.2 (2007), 234–54

with Sherryl Vint, ‘All That Melts Into Air Is Solid: Rematerialising Capital in Cube and Videodrome’, Socialism and Democracy 42 (2006), 217–43

‘Fantasising the Real: The Secret of Roan Inish’, Film International 24 (2006), 28–38

with Sherryl Vint, ‘Learning from the Little Engines That Couldn’t: Transported by Gernsback, Wells, and Latour’, Science Fiction Studies 98 (2006), 129–48

‘The Pastoral Science Fiction and Fantasy of Gwyneth Jones/Ann Halam’, Foundation 93 (2005), 97–106

‘Burning Too: Consuming Fahrenheit 451’, Essays and Studies: Literature and the Visual Media (2005), 96–122

‘Gwyneth Jones: An Introduction’, Femspec 5.1 (2004), 190–6

‘Incredible Stories about Ordinary People: the Young Adult Fiction of Gwyneth Jones/Ann Halam’, Femspec 5.1 (2004), 197–215

‘Taking the Dream Girls Apart: Molly, Eve VIII, Barb Wire’, Femspec 5.1 (2004), 18–36

‘What Kind of Monster Are You?: Situating the Boom’, Science Fiction Studies 91 (2003), 394–416

with Andrew M. Butler, ‘Voices on the Boom’, Science Fiction Studies 91 (2003), 483–91

‘Appropriate Means: An Interview with China Miéville’, New Politics 35 (2003), 169–76

‘The Dreadful Credibility of Absurd Things: A Tendency in Fantasy Theory’, Historical Materialism 10.4 (2002), 51–88 (selected for the ‘Theory Roundtable’ discussion at the 25th annual International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, 2004)

‘We’re Not In Kansas Any More: Some Notes on Camp and Queer Sf Movies’, Foundation 86 (2002), 40–50

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