The Empire State Building: the great unanswered question answered, and the lairs of monsters

Yes, a rickety gangplank  was actually the plan to get people from the moored dirigible into the building.

The big ape in the big apple.

From up here, you can see the nest of Q the Winged Serpent.



Paul Robeson lived here and here and here…

Paul Robeson lived here,

as did Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Joe Louis, Lena Horne, Zora Neale Houston, Andy Kirk, Canada Lee, and Kenneth and Mamie Clarke.

And Paul Robeson lived here, too,

as did Thurgood Marshall, W.E.B. DuBois, Aaron Douglas, William Stanley Braithwaite, Clarence Cameron White, Walter White, Roy Wilkins and Jimmy Lunceford.

And Paul Robeson lived here, in one of these houses or apartments, but I’m not sure which cos we forgot to write down the address.

But not a single fucking plaque. So this will have to do, just round the corner from the Schomburg.



The Cornell Surprise, the Cornell Disappointments

See, Riverside, see: this is what a river, complete with sides, looks like.


A river with sides. And a fucking waterfall.* On campus.


But not everything is so fancypants. I had to work in a shockingly old and ill-equipped building, for example.

Furthermore, this sculpture of a seated baby elephant turned out to be no such thing.


And the campus is patrolled by casually posed giant robot naked hipsters.


*One of half a dozen. Fucking waterfalls. On fucking campus.