Other publications

‘Dulltopia’ in Junot Díaz, ed, Global Dystopias (The Boston Review) (2017), 191–206

Contributor to ‘Best SF Films of 2016’ (on Evolution, He Never Died and Mænd & høns/Men & Chicken), Vector 285 (2017), 11–18

Verschränkung. Contribution to ‘In Memoriam: Mark Fisher’, Los Angeles Review of Books (2017)

‘Introduction’ to HG Wells, The Time Machine (Pan Macmillan, 2017), vii–xv

Contributor to ‘Best SF Films of 2015’ (on Crumbs, The Signal and Trudno byt bogom/Hard to Be a God), Vector 283 (2016), 9–16

‘Some Theses on Monsters; occasioned by reading, and in place of a review of, Margrét Helgadóttir and Jo Thomas, eds, African Monsters (Fox Spirits Books, 2015)’, Salvage online (14 April 2016)

‘AfroSF Now: a snapshot, seven novels and a film’, Mithila Review 2 (April 2016)

‘From Afrofuturism to AfroSF’, Fabrikzeitung (2016)

‘Piqued Oil’Salvage online (5 October 2015)

Milton Friedman – An Obituary‘, Salvage 1 (July 2015)

‘African SF 101’, The SFRA Review 311 (Winter 2015), 11-18

‘Inner Space’, BFI Compendium: Sci-Fi – Days of Fear and Wonder (BFI 2014), 120–5

Contributor to ‘The Many Doctors Symposium’, Science Fiction Film and Television 7.2 (2014), 217–56

‘The Pleasures of Science Fiction; or, some things I did the other day’, Deletion: The Online Forum in Science Fiction Studies 1 (2013)

‘China Miéville, Architeuthis Cadre’, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 23.3 (2012), 374–6

Contributor to ‘Globalization and Sf’ symposium, Science Fiction Studies 118 (2012), 374–84

‘Jesus Rebooted, Jesus Freebooted: David W Thompson’s Apocalyptic Evangelical Cinema’, Virginie Sélavy, ed., The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology (2011), 154–63; reprinted in German and Czech in Umelec (2012)

Contributor to ‘Suggested Further Readings in the Slipstream’, Science Fiction Studies 113 (2011), 208–19

‘Dandies in the Underworld’, Electric Sheep 12 (winter 2009), 32–4

Contributor to ‘Symposium on Sexuality in SF’, Science Fiction Studies 109 (2009), 385–403

Contributor to ‘Fiftieth Anniversary Special Section on the Current Shape of Scholarship and Criticism on Speculative Fiction’, Extrapolation 50.1 (2009), 7–32

‘Film Neige: noir + snow’, Electric Sheep 8 (winter 2008), 18–20

‘Obituary: Arthur C. Clarke’s Vision of Benevolent Empire’, Socialist Worker 2094 (29 March 2008), 11

‘Soufflés and Sexual Tightropes: An Interview with Mike Hodges’, Film International 26 (2007), 27–29

Contributor to ‘Roundtable on SF Criticism’, Science Fiction Studies 100 (2006), 388–404

‘On Matters Locomotive and Tentacular: Four or Five (More) Things about China Miéville’, Readercon 17 Souvenir Booklet (2006), 27–8

Contributor to ‘Jules Verne Roundtable’, Science Fiction Studies 95 (2005), 172–6

‘Science Fiction: The Shape of Things to Come’, Socialist Review 296 (2005), 28

‘The Boom is Dead. Long Live the Boom’, Science Fiction Studies 94 (2004), 497

‘Four or Five Things about China Miéville’, Wiscon 27 Program (2002), 13–4

‘Alloyed Optimism’, Science Fiction Studies 88 (2002), 531–2

‘Old, Mean and Misanthropic: An Interview with M John Harrison’, Vector 226 (2002), 5–10

‘The British Sf Boom’, Science Fiction Studies 87 (2002), 307–10

‘Not Writing Cyberpunk: Three Science Fiction Novels by Gwyneth Jones’, Vector 225 (2002), 12–4

Reading Science Fiction (a study guide to The Island of Doctor Moreau, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The Left Hand of Darkness and Neuromancer), http://www.bloomsburymagazine.com (2001)

‘The Forgotten Adaptations of The Time Machine’, The HG Wells Society Newsletter 4.5 (2000), 6

‘Blowing Raspberries: An Interview with China Miéville’, Vector 213 (2000), 5–9

‘Westfahl and the Novella’, Foundation 77 (1999), 96–8

ed., Strange Attractors: Kicking the Reality Fix. Papers from the second annual AFFN conference. Self-published DTP, 1995

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