Hawk, Wind & Fire – and other unlikely tribute bands I have known

Just found this old list lying around. Judging by the peculiar stains on the paper and the near-illegibility of the various hands in which it was scrawled, alcohol was involved.

Gracie Fields of the Nephilim
Patsy Cline Inch Nails
Britney Spears of Destiny
Iggy Pop Will Eat Himself
Bing Crosby, Stills and Nash
Justin Timber, Lake and Palmer
BB King Crimson
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Como
Kurtis Blow Monkeys
Run DMC5
Debbie Harry Belafonte
Fatboy Slim Gaillard
Chas ’n’ Dave Clark Five
Malcolm X-Ray Specs
Ann Frank Sinatra
Rockabilly Holiday

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