South Wales is weird. And fantastical.

We had some time to kill before the Thee Faction and Helen Love (and others for We Shall Overcome) gig in Newport, so we nipped over to Caerleon to see the amazing Roman ruins. We did not expect to find this:

wales 1

Or, on a map in the museum, to find this:

wales 2

To be honest, this was probably a different guy by the same name:

wales 3

Few things are more weird, though, than putting up a plaque to remember resistance to the Chartists:

wales 4

Before leaving for our walk back to Newport, we thought we’d have a pint. Not expecting the pub we ended up in to be one where this once happened:

wales 5

A lovely afternoon full of surprises. And the gig was even better. Once Thee Faction got on the stage. And then Helen Love.



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