Hummingbird aka Redemption (Steven Knight 2013)

Hummingbird-poster-A4and so anyway it turns out that the best thing about Hummingbird (2013) is not the hilarious heavy-handedness of the whole endeavour but the moment when Jason Statham – playing a traumatised Afghanistan veteran on the run from a  court martial for the revenge-atrocities he committed and now living among London’s homeless who, through a series of utterly probable twists, emerges from the stupor in which he keeps himself, becomes a strong-arm man for Chinese gangsters and falls in love with a nun – asks his criminal boss to identify the killer of a homeless female friend who was forced into prostitution, and they agree to help provided he ‘does the thing no-one else is willing to do’, and the next shot is of him driving across the Severn Bridge into Wales…

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