Whiplash (Damien Chazelle 2014)

timthumb.phpand so anyway it turns out that the best thing about multi-Oscar-winning Whiplash (2014) is not that – thanks mainly to the music, the editing and Supergirl’s chin, which once you have seen you will never unsee – it manages to combine being quite enjoyable with being a big pile of totally reprehensible tosh, nor that it got Babylon 5‘s Garibaldi back in shape and won him an Oscar, but that it showed me exactly where I have been going wrong pedagogically for the last 22 years, putting all that effort into not being a complete and utter dick, and made me look forward to turning over a new, abusive leaf when I get back to classes in the new year…

2 thoughts on “Whiplash (Damien Chazelle 2014)”

  1. hi mark, its coincidental that i was listening to the soundtrack on spotify in my cab. The blog made me chuckle and dispelled the anxiety i had just took from the last job with the two Welch girls and two Irish lads i kicked out of the cab for not paying. It is mad friday here in town and the name is fitting the bill so far i would say. I loved the movie it really did it for me, the last fifteen minutes were so climactic! what made me laugh though was the tosh you put your finger on, yeah it was good rediculous tosh…i’m getting the dvd for me dads xmas present. By the way what did you say was the channel you spoke about Star Wars ?


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