Edge of Tomorrow (Doug Liman 2014)

emily-blunt-edge-of-tomorrow-600x873and so anyway it turns out that the best thing about Edge of Tomorrow (2014) is not the way in which the DVD marketing finally admits that Edge of Tomorrow is a shit title that is nowhere near as good as the tag-line Live. Die. Repeat. and now pretends that the film is actually called Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow, nor is it Emily Blunt, although she is usually the best thing in anything she is in and would be the best thing about Edge of Tomorrow were it not this other thing, no, the best thing about Edge of Tomorrow or whatever the hell we are supposed to call it now is the simple beauty of watching itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny action star Tom Cruise dying horribly over and over again – for most things in life there is Barclaycard, but some things really are priceless…

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