Ex Machina (Alex Garland 2015)

4loI4Qy.jpgand so anyway it turns out that the best thing about Ex Machina (2015) is that, having expositioned all that stuff about the Turing Test and then bromanced it into irrelevance over geek/hipster beers, the film then doubles down by making it clear that the way the Test really works is that if you give your robot boobs then you can determine whether or not she is human not by her occasional hints that she possesses agency outside your bullshit patriarchal compulsory heterosexuality but by how long it takes ‘her’ – like all human women in movies – to betray you…

2 thoughts on “Ex Machina (Alex Garland 2015)”

  1. There’s the reading that she’s gaining agency and that Caleb is punished for assuming she’ll fall into bed with him as reward for his gallant white knight routine. Myself, I felt it was male paranoia about women.


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