Help me! There is something crazy wrong in Bristol! Help!

walking deadSomething is amiss in Bristol.

Badly amiss.

And I need your help to understand it.

Today, on one of my much too-infrequent runs, no cars pulled out blind across the pavement in front of me and into a busy road.

Pedestrians walking several abreast taking up the entire width of the pavement stepped aside so as not to force approaching runners and other pedestrians into a busy road.

Cyclists who had stopped and moved their bikes out of the otherwise empty cycle lane to discuss the route they should actually be taking realised they were blocking the pavement for runners and other pedestrians and moved back into the otherwise empty cycle lane.


This one you really won’t believe.

Cars exiting roundabouts used their indicators to let runners and other pedestrians know that, yes, they were going to take the exit you were about to cross.

Something here is not right.

I do not know what is going on.

Help me.

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