Things I have learned from the movies: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (Lawrence 2015)

Mockingjay_Part_2_PosterWhen you have led a successful revolution and deposed a tyrant, you should not unnecessarily reveal that you intend merely to replace the tyrant and keep his system of state terror in place, nor, when subsequently presiding over the public execution of the former tyrant, should you elect to do so from a platform that, however elevated, is nonetheless in front of the firing squad, even if the firing squad is just a girl with a bow and arrow…

(Also, if you want to get the girl you can probably get away with using a second bomb to target rescue workers  as they go to the aid of those injured by the first bomb. But you need to make sure her kid sister is not one of the rescue workers, you lunkhead. That’s Friendzone 101, Gale, Friendzone 101.)

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