The Thing from Another World (Nyby 1951) haikus



These airforce men are
Such manly men’s men. That’s why
It’s called a cockpit.

When flyboys hit on
You, here is a tip: disarm
them through alcohol.

Drink him under the
Table, girl. Octopus hands
Flailing. Evaded.

Reproduction. Better than
Fucking a flyboy.

By computation.
That’s how we computed it.
By computation.

SOP. Beat ’em
Or thermite bomb ’em. They go
Up pretty easy.

Electric blanket
Blamed. Quartermaster facing

Chiefs of Staff issue
New regulations about:
Blankets, electric.

Seventeen people.
Academy ratio.
Medium shot. Awe.

No. It is not so
Much a super-carrot as
An above par-snip.

There’s only one way
To let a girl know you’re keen.
Flaming kerosene.

Show her how hot you
Are in bed. Torch the mattress
She’s hiding behind.

Carrington. New York
Jewish Commie Queer. And worse.
An intellectual.

Trumped by homophonic
Play on Ark and arc.

From outer space it
Came. To steal arctic footwear.
Keep watching the skis!


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