Typo of the day: passive-egressive


  1. denoting or pertaining to a personality type or behaviour marked by the desire not to be there in the room with you, expressed in passive, indirect ways, as through noncooperation:

a passive-egressive academic who ‘just nips to the loo’ during a faculty meeting, leaving all their stuff behind so as to imply they will return imminently, but does not come back for hours until it is all safely over

a passive-egressive acquaintance who you insist on thinking of as friend even though you barely know them and who, when trapped in an unwanted ‘conversation’ by you, slowly nods off

Origin of passive-egressive
Belatedly coined to describe the great wave of self-defenestrations, initially believed accidental and coincidental, that swept away-days back in ought-six.

Also, of course, this guy.

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