Ambulance (Michael Bay 2022)

and so anyway it turns out that the best thing about Ambulance (Michael Bay 2022) is not the hilarious overuse of drone cameras or the odd shot pretending to be in infrared that accidentally recapitulates something of Tony Scott’s much more interesting chaos cinema stylisations in Domino (2005) or the hilarious series of endings offering redemption to characters – rather, ‘characters’ – no one could possibly give a fuck about in slow motion so as to help to drag out the run time to almost twice the length of the Danish film Ambulacen (Laurits Munch-Petersen 2005) it’s based on – though that could partly because Los Angeles is a lot bigger than Copenhagen – no, the best thing about Ambulance is that is finally fucking over and, should I choose to continue to subject myself to Michael Bay films even though Nick is no longer my student working on Michael Bay films, it will be a few years until his next one (Robopocalypse, stuck in pre-production hell) rocks up to make me question my life choices….

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