Some new vocabulary

Ablyst – the most relentless oppressor of people with disabilities. The ablest ableist. Iain Duncan Smith.

Feminish – something some female commentators consider feminist but about which you are unpersuaded. Jupiter AscendingMad Max Fury Road.

Fetminishtic – an adjective to describe pronouncements about female characters by men who fetishise Princess Leia as some kind of epitome of feminist characterisation.

Garrish – an adjective to describe a blog post that quite inexplicably people keep looking at. Also, to describe the act of transparently luring other, completely uninterested people into looking at it.

Ms.Ogyny – the targetting of a specific woman (e.g., Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu, Anita Sarkeesian) by misogynists.

Nounjitsu – the artful naming of objects. May involve the use of nounchaku.

Rigor mortice – the best kind of lock to have on your door during a zombie apocalypse.