Sweden, we need to talk.

Sweden, we need to talk about your obsession with big fish.


But I guess sometimes it is best just not to ask.


No, really, just move along, don’t ask.


I know some things just don’t translate well between cultures. Though a little more effort wouldn’t be amiss sometimes.


Especially when you can be so frank about your poor navigation skills and suspicions about English travellers…


… and about your opinion of Rodin and your views on who would probably make the best anonymous residential buildings in the world.


I mean, you get so many things right. Like the first statue of Bernie Sanders, and how you always follow expropriating the expropriators with snacks.

bernie sandersexpropriate! - plus snacks

So let’s just forget about the armpit squid baby, and talk.

armpit baby

Seriously, we need to talk, so let’s just forget about the armpit squid baby.


armpit baby 2

If we can.

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