Arizona Road Trip: Some Signage

The first basic rule

Don't be a dick.
Don’t be a dick.
don't be a dick 1a
I thought I told you, don’t be a dick.
No, really, don't be a dick.
No, really, don’t be a dick.


‘Sharing,’ in the immortal words of Thee Faction’s ‘Better than Wages’, ‘like you tell your children’.

The second basic rule

Try really hard not to do obviously stupid things.
Try really hard not to do obviously stupid things.

Name your highways ironically

yeah, right.
yeah, right.

Whenever possible, drive over scary dirt roads in the mountains to stencil signs in not quite the right placeparty animals

Always lie about the efficacy of local art

oh no it doesn't
oh no it doesn’t

Also found in Miami, AZ

CSI Miami
CSI Miami

The one that got away


Just around the corner from Keystone Rd, Miami, is the police station.

Just around the corner from the police station in Miami is a road they consider a no-go area.

For obvious reasons.

Sadly, there is one dog in Arizona who does not come running up to the fence barking at passersby

strange dog

The winner

do not push button
Remember the second basic rule.

This sign is not in itself amusing until you know its location. Air Force Facility Missile Site 8, aka Titan II ICBM Site 571-7.

It is now the Titan Missile Museum, and the sign merely means ‘do not touch the exhibit’ rather than, say, ‘do not launch a 9 megaton intercontinental ballistic missile’.