Rail privatisers conduct bizarre cloning experiment in Bristol

tom1The privatisation of public utilities and services in Britain has been a disaster for everyone apart from those given carte blanche to loot the public purse. Oligopolistic consolidation. Unemployment annd precarity. Taxes paid more or less directly to shareholders as dividends. The undermining of democracy. The ‘greed is good’ excesses of the 1980s, the TINA lies of the 1990s, the austerity bullshit of the new millennium. The preening arrogance of the corporate elites and their political lackeys. No scandal seems to have the power to even shock any more, let alone lead to criminal investigation or – can you still even imagine? – jail time.

That might be about to change.

In Bristol, evidence has been found of the most profound malfeasance, the crossing of a boundary that we can all surely agree is a step too far.

The cloning of Thomas the Tank Engine.

tom2Look closely.

Is there not something sinister in their fixed grins that speaks of our age?

The mandated performance of individuality.

Of joy.     tom3

Look closely.

Into their eyes.

Behold the Abyss staring back.

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